Artist United for Reproductive Justice


This art contest is a part of SisterSong's Artist United for Reproductive Justice (AURJ) program. The program unites artist of color across the gender spectrum with diverse ethnic, age, artistic, and social economic backgrounds. Our aim with the contest is to create easily replicable artwork to be utilized for the SisterSong national convention material and throughout the movement at large. This is a great opportunity to lend your artistic voice to movements and follow in the traditions of your artistic ancestors who upheld and empowered our movements throughout the generations. We can only accept 2 D Artwork and please include your name on the piece.

Artistic Theme for 2019:

Accountability. Transcendence. Liberation.

“We will hold those in power accountable. We will transcend oppressive narratives that seek to divide and diminish our collective power. We will proactively create our own legacy rooted in liberation and love.”

The AURJ artist selected will receive $250, multiple printed material with artwork and 10% of the proceeds from the conference merchandise sold.

For any questions, comments or concerns please email .