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Welcome to Reproductive Justice University 

“ A Movement United Will Never Be Defeated” 

In 1994, twelve Black Women gathered and through their collective wisdom and resistance a seed was planted.  A direct action on August 9, 1994 - where nearly 800 Black women signed a call out of Congress on healthcare reform birthed the term Reproductive Justice. This direct action shifted the culture and laid the foundation for a new framework that ignited a movement. 

In the Spirit of the founding mothers of Reproductive Justice whose shoulders we stand upon and whose wisdom is the foundation of our work…

In the Spirit and legacy of freedom, schools where there were no pre-qualifications & no age limits required - just a willingness to learn and be transformed...

In the tradition of Black August, where we honor our freedom fighters - past and present - and commit to studying fasting and training for liberation…

This August 21-24, 2024, we want to invite you to experience our RJ University, where we are building a movement rooted in the commitment of achieving sexual and Reproductive Justice by any means necessary.

SisterSong defines Reproductive Justice as the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities. Ultimately, we are working to secure our human right to make our own decisions about our bodies, our families, and our futures. 

This year, we aim not to have traditional workshops but to create levels designed to support attendees at varying entry points to the movement. Whether this is your first conference, or you’re looking to learn new skills, or if you are a seasoned leader, or if you just want to think outside of the box - there is a level for you. 

We are looking for a variety of classes to showcase at each level with a focus on the following: youth organizing, Faith & Spirituality, policy, sexual health, freedom & pleasure, LGBTQ liberation, disability justice, global work, intersectional organizing, research & healing justice 

This year we are seeking submissions that: 

  • Seek to shift the culture 
  • That are interactive and multi-dimensional 
  • That move people to action 
  • That foster healing 
  • That are engaging for people who may not be in movement yet 
  • That are innovative and forward-thinking 
  • That help build the connections between Reproductive Justice and other movements 

We are encouraging potential presenters to be co-creators with us. To think outside of the box and to help us shift the culture of conferences. We want to break beyond movement jargon and business as usual and make this conference a space where transformation happens. Where new ideas are birthed. Where healing takes place.  Where people recommit/ commit to making Reproductive Justice their movement home. Because A Movement United will never be defeated.


Prerequisites - these are curated spaces that will serve as pre-conference institutes on the day before the conference begins. Space is limited to major sponsors and at the discretion of SisterSong’s leadership. 

Intros - These are sessions crafted with a new audience or new organizers in mind. It’s all about helping attendees understand issues at a beginner level and allowing them an opportunity to build a solid foundation for their organizing. 

Intermediate - These are sessions that aim to dig deeper into topics. These sessions get a little more nuanced and push attendees to stretch and build new organizing muscles. 

Advanced - These are sessions where the seasoned leaders meet. These sessions engage in high-level thinking, organizing, and strategizing. 

Electives - These are sessions that are not about talking alone. These are sessions where bodies move. Where art is created. Where creativity is centered. Think twerking for liberation. 

New school - These are sessions that seek to push our thinking on our issues. This is where one can work out new ideas or theories. And just in case there are some who may not see themselves reflected in a University setting - this is a space for you to create a session to find your people. 

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